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The Moot Court Board of the St. Thomas University College of Law is hereby created to foster excellence in written and oral advocacy and competition. The Moot Court Board provides equal access and equal opportunity without regard to race, color, national origin, age, political affiliations or opinions, religion, marital status, veteran status, handicap status, sexual orientation, or gender.


All Members of the St. Thomas University Moot Court Board must be students in good academic standing and with a minimum GPA of 2.5 to participate in our Howard K. Blumberg Intramural Competition. All Members shall be selected based on outstanding written and oral advocacy, according to the Bylaws of the Moot Court Board. Membership is contingent upon participation in activities as set out in this Constitution and the Bylaws of the Moot Court Board.

General Information

  • The Thomas University College of Law Moot Court Board promotes excellence in appellate advocacy.
  • Board membership is open to all second- and third-year students who successfully completes a moot court audition judged by members of the Executive Board.
  • The moot court board will be awarding Top 2 Oralists and #1 Top Brief based on the auditions
  • The members of the Moot Court Board represent Thomas University College of Law at regional, national, and international moot court competitions.
  • Competitors prepare an appellate brief and present oral arguments based on a simulated appellate record containing issues that require in-depth legal research and analysis.

We are an Honor’s Organization

  • Moot Court is one of two advocacy teams at STU and one of the very few honor’s organizations
  • As we are an honor’s organization, we value academics and require students to have a high GPA.
  • Employers know that if you are a member, you must be strong academically. The GPA requirement is 2.5.
  • Moot Court is one of the oldest and most commonly recognized honor’s organizations in the country.
  • Employers often only recognize Moot Court and Law Review when evaluating Resumes. Moot Court is highly prestigious for this reason.

Reputation in the Legal Community

Across the legal community, and across the world, Moot Court has held the reputation as an organization that breeds hardworking, dedicated professionals.

There are Moot Court teams at every single law school across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Moot Court is the only advocacy team on Campus, that is known across the nation and the world. Where other advocacy teams are newer and beginning to flourish into wonderful organizations that have a lot to offer, we are already established as such.

When an employer hears Moot Court, or sees Moot Court on your resumes, they automatically know what type of student you are. They know you are a student cares not only about their grades, but is dedicated to perfecting their writing, research, and oral abilities. And it tells about your level of organization. To be able to do this on top of your already busy academic schedules.

Course Credits

A maximum of 4 credits are possible:

  • 1 credit for the Class Component
  • 2 credits for serving as a competitor; and
  • 1 credit for serving as a student coach.

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