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Shannon Hemmendinger Wins Florida Supreme Court Case

The Moot Court Board is extremely proud of Shannon Healy Hemmendinger!  The Florida Supreme Court issued a decision this morning in Shannon’s case involving the inevitable discovery exception to the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule.  Shannon is a former Moot Court member, student in the Appellate Litigation Clinic, and currently serves as an Alumni Coach for the Moot Court team.

Highlights_2.5.15 Shannon Hemmendinger-1

The oral argument can be viewed on the Florida Supreme Court website “Gavel to Gavel” by following this link:
Miguel Rodriguez v. State

Congratulations Mrs. Hemmendinger for winning your first Florida Supreme Court case!

Thank You and Happy Holidays!

Thank you to our Faculty Advisor, Professor Blumberg, for leading four teams to great success so far this academic year!  To our wonderful Moot Court Alums for showing their support as Alumni Coaches and Guest Judges!

And a special thanks to all of our Moot Court Members for their hard work and dedication this semester!

Study hard and good luck on exams!



Congratulations to the 2015 San Diego Team

Congratulations to competitors Matthew Carcano and Oscar Quintero for competing in the 2015 National Criminal Procedure Tournament Moot Court Competition in San Diego, California and for making the Top 16!  Prof. Howard Blumberg was the team’s faculty coach, Khristopher Salado was the team’s student coach, and Aileen Penate Hernandez served as the team’s alumni coach.

Competitors: Matthew Carcano and Oscar Quintero

Halloween Bake Sale

Intercultural Human Rights Law Review and the Moot Court Board would like to thank the St. Thomas University School of Law community for the generous donations made during the 2015 Halloween Bake Sale.  Both Organizations are honored to be part of a school predicated on benevolence and charitableness.  In the spirit of giving back all left over baked items were donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Miami.

A special thank you to Professor Marcia Narine who made an incredibly generous donation.

We thank you all so much for your support!

Intercultural Human Rights Law Review and the Moot Court Board

                         Jessica Smith, IHRLR Member and Tayron Lopez, MC Executive-Vice President at the Ronald McDonald House in Miami, Florida          Fall 2015_IHRLR_Bake Sale-2
IHRLR Staff Editor, Jessica Smith and MCB Vice-President, Tayron Lopez visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Miami, Florida with Halloween themed treats and goodies on October 30, 2015.

Congratulations to the 2015 Zehmer Team

Please join us in congratulating the 2015 E. Earle Zehmer Team: Julio Menache, Anthony Murphy, and Travis Tillery.

Thanks to their devoted Student Coach Marlene Brito, their dedicated Alumni Coach Armando Hernandez, and with the guidance of Professor Blumberg, our team had a successful competition.

The judges praised our competitors for their composure and performance.  Julio was praised for delivering a clear and concise argument, Anthony was applauded for defending his position zealously after a “barrage of questions,”  and Travis was complimented on his demeanor and presence.

Please also join us in thanking Matt Carcano, the team’s research assistant, who helped with the preparation of the teams phenomenal argument.  We also want to thank the members who helped judge our competitors in preparing for the competition.

Thanks again to our competitors for proudly representing the St. Thomas Moot Court Board.


Welcome Fall 2015 Members!

2015 MC Logo - Blue Gavel

Please join us in welcoming the newest Moot Court Board Members!

Jessica Biedron
Jessica Bracho
Stephen Conteagüero
Martha Ferral
Arisnelvys Gonzalez
Marina Gonzalez
Cristina V. Hernandez
Veronique Malebranche
Ana Perez-Dorrego
Max J. Pomeranz
Jason Ross
Kielan Saborit-Morera
Loanmy Saranova
Samuel Spina


2015 Intramural Competition

2015 Fall Winners - Top 2Ana Perez-Dorrego is the winner of STU Law’s Fall Intramural Moot Court Competition, which took place on August 13, 2015.  Her opposing counsel was Top 2 Finalist, Marina Gonzalez.  Both are second-year law students at St. Thomas University.  Max J. Pomeranz, also a 2L, won Best Brief.

Ana Perez-Dorrego with Judges Lopez, Logue, Levy, and Towbin Singer
Ana Perez-Dorrego with Judges Lopez, Logue, Levy, and Towbin-Singer

The 2014-2015 Moot Court Board

We wish a fond farewell and many well wishes to the graduating members of the 2014-2015 Moot Court Board!

Laura Alvarado
James Ryan
Kathryn Lecusay
Eneami Bestman
Melody Salcedo-Ure
Gregory Light
Cristina Colon
David Schnobrick
Domingo Lopez
Joanne Dautruche
Stanislav Shamayev
Maxine Meltzer
Shawn Gibbons
Emily Silver
Yosue Ochoa
Paul Hankin
Levi Wilkes
Philip Rhodes
Stacyann Hunter
Monika Woodard
Susanna Rodriguez

2014-2015 Awards Presentation:
Member of the Year: Kathryn Lecusay
2L Member Recognition of the Year: Elaine Carbuccia
Website Coordinator: Joanne Dautruche
Competition Team of the Year: 2014 Wechsler Competition Team
•  Competitors: Eneami Bestman, Shawn Gibbons, and Levi Wilkes
•  Student Coach: Stanislav Shamayev

2014-2015 Executive Board:
Eneami Bestman, President
Gregory Light, Executive Vice-President
Stanislav Shamayev, Vice President of Membership
Philip Rhodes, Vice President of Membership
Melody Salcedo, Treasurer
Emily Silver, Secretary
Susana Rodriguez, Alumni Chair

2014-2015 Moot Court Board
2014-2015 Moot Court Board

Yosue Ochoa & Levi Wilkes in 3rd DCA Official Session

The Third District Court of Appeal will hold an official session on campus, Wednesday, April 15.  This is a rare and exciting opportunity to learn by watching attorneys present oral arguments in real cases before the Court.  Even more exciting – in one of the cases, the appellate brief was written by two Moot Court Board members, 3L students Yosue Ochoa and Levi Lawrence Wilkes. One of them will appear in oral argument on behalf of a real client, as a certified legal intern supervised by Professor Blumberg.  Don’t miss this special event!

 scales of justice_2* * * The Third District Court of Appeal * * *

Wednesday, April 15 (Official Session)

Moot Court Room (Rm. 108)

Early a.m. session:    9:00 a.m.

Late a.m. session:    10:30 a.m.